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Award Winner! Best Documentary 2011 Estes Park Film Festival
Estes Park, Colorado

About The Director

Bugeaters’ writer/director/producer Jim Fields always wanted to go to film school in L.A, but lacked the necessary funds to attend an expensive graduate film program, so he became a community college English instructor instead. When digital video was invented in the early 2000s, Fields seized the chance to explore this new medium, and he began to pursue his life-long dream of making independent movies. Bugeaters is Fields’ third documentary to be released since 2004. His first film, 416, was shown in over 5 major regional film festivals and won 4 awards, including Best Feature and the Audience Award at the 2005 Central Nebraska Film Festival. His next documentary, Preserve Me a Seat, has been shown at theaters and at film festivals in both the United States and in Europe. When he is not writing/directing/producing/ or editing his film projects, Fields enjoys playing the piano, watching foreign films, collecting movie posters, and browsing through used bookstores.